I believe the children are our future.

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Painting with toothbrushes!

A few different ways you can “change-up” your process art:
A.) Change the medium - use a variety of different ways to get colors on the paper. Crayons, colored pencils, watercolors, tempera, chalk… The sky is the limit!
B.) Let the children paint with different THINGS. Toothbrushes, Q-tips, rollers, potato stampers, cookie cutters, BIG paintbrushes, LITTLE paintbrushes, fingers, spaghetti… (Yes, you can paint with cooked spaghetti - it’s REALLY messy and REALLY cool!)
C.) Choose different types/textures of paper or items to paint. Rocks, large pieces of Butcher Paper, shoe boxes, clay creations… (You can also even mix dish soap with tempera and paint windows - I’d suggest taping the window into “stained glass” before painting so that you can leave it on display for a while.)

Your imagination is your only limitation!

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