I believe the children are our future.

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One of the really great things about open-ended art is that it doesn’t take a ton of direction - just give the kids supplies, and let them create! For this project, we did rainbow printing. I set out trays with each of the colors of the rainbow on them. We actually have a bin of cool shaped objects that we use for various art projects, so I picked out some neat ones, put them on the trays, and let the kids experiment. Some of the objects we used are combs, toy truck wheels, contact lens cases, bubble blowers, and some things that I can’t even identify…When kids are doing projects like this, we build their vocabulary by narrating their actions - “I can see you have a BIG GLOB of green on that bubble blower.” “It’s really neat how you’re keeping all of your colors separate from each other.” “I like how you chose to blend your colors together with the comb!” 

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